the frog squad

welcome to the official frog squad webpage

what is the frog squad all about?

the frog squad is all about frog from chrono trigger. it started as a joke and now we here.

why did you make this

i honestly have no idea it was just a whim

so, like. what do you do

we do. Things. this will change as the group gets more solidified

so what's the point of this website, anyway?

to, uh. raise awareness? of the group existing??? also for an excuse to constantly play frog's theme (FEATURE WIP)

so how can i join?


HOW TO JOIN the frog squad

  1. you should probably change your avi to a picture of frog (if it's fanart you didn't make you better have asked for and sourced it) (this step is not required but recommended)
  2. make it known in your bio or name or something on twitter that you are a part of the frog squad
  3. tweet to me on twitter @hunterstuff for me to induct you into the frog squad
  4. you are now a part of the frog squad

frog squad tenents